Campaign Wall Exhibition Display

One of the greatest things about the Campaign Wall Exhibition Display in Sydney is that it doesn’t require an army of helpers or an advanced degree to put together. This has made it a popular choice for events of all shapes and sizes, from seminars to trade shows.

Campaign Wall Exhibition Display

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The simplicity of these displays has made them quite a popular choice amongst our customers – they’re incredibly easy to set up (no helpers required), highly versatile, and incredibly lightweight (at only around 9kg). Our graphics are also resistant to tearing and fading – they’re very long lasting!

The adjustable feet that come with our Campaign Wall Exhibition Displays enable the wall to be freestanding or to be placed flush against a wall (or other support). If you need a longer wall, multiple displays can be placed together until you’ve achieved the desired length.

Switch out the canvas carry bag for a hard transit case on wheels, which provides additional storage space and doubles as a portable counter once you’ve reached the event. It comes with a complementary graphic to ensure that the whole look goes together seamlessly.

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